The authentic Mineral Water Ice

The authentic Mineral Water Ice

A characteristic of HieliuM is its alkaline pH, with which we manage to reduce the acidity of our drinks. Also, our ice does not alter the flavor of soft drinks, smoothies, mixed drinks or any other drink. With HieliuM, you will be able to cool your drink with no unwanted added flavour.

HieliuM lasts longer, does not alter the flavor, does not add odors and leaves no residue.

Our Formula:

Natural ozonated and alkaline mineral water ice

Everyone knows that ice is made of water. But there are different qualities of water. At HieliuM we give the utmost importance to this, and that is why we make our HieliuM cubes with the best raw materials. Natural Mineral Water with exceptional qualities.

0 mg/L
Dry residue
0 mg/L
Potassium (K)
Alkaline PH
0 mg/L
Calcium (Ca)
0 mg/L
0 mg/L
Magnesium (Mg)
0 mg/L
0 mg/L
< 0 mg/L
0 pS/cm

Advantages of using HieliuM

Advantages of using HieliuM (Natural and alkaline mineral water ice) instead of tap water with or without osmosis treatment. It is a water that is not chlorinated or filtered, it achieves disinfection naturally reinforced through ozone, alkalizing the product and neutralizing acidity.

Neutralizes acidity and eliminates waste products

With HieliuM we manage to neutralize the body's acidity and oxidation by eliminating its free radicals, thus slowing down aging to improve quality of life.

Double Drying

Our factory has implemented an innovative double drying process that cares for and perfects the appearance of our cubes, in addition to giving them greater hardness.

Adequate mineral contribution

Human body needs minerals and the most comfortable means to acquire it is to replenish them with the water we drink. In osmosis water, the membranes eliminate most of the minerals, without eliminating the chlorine, whose byproducts generate bad odors and acidity to achieve disinfection.

The HieliuM formula

The HieliuM formula (natural and alkaline mineral water ice) does not change (it is invariable and the result of thousands of years of natural evolution).

Sustainability of the use of HieliuM

Sustainability of the use of HieliuM (natural and alkaline mineral water ice) against the waste of osmosis water. In an environment of sustainability and respect for the environment, we would use between 3 and 10 liters of tap water to generate 1 liter of osmosis water, with the water shortage that we all know it exists. Between 4 and 9 liters of tap water to make 1 kilo of ice by osmosis, with the water shortage that we all know about. Meanwhile at HieliuM we use only 1.1 liters of Natural Mineral Water to make 1 kilo of HieliuM ice, with the remaining 0.1 being returned to nature with all its properties since in our process we do not extract minerals from the water.

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