HieliuM, what Ice is it?

Talking about Ice is very easy, as we already mentioned in our previous article. Having an alkaline PH (greater than 7) is a very important factor that characterizes HieliuM. 


The first thing to produce ice is to get mineral water, as is in our case. We extract it directly from the Almedijar spring in Castellón in the heart of the Espadán natural park. Due to its quality and location, we like to call it the water of the Mediterranean diet. 


The alkaline PH (greater than 7.5) of HieliuM turns our ice into an additional source of energy and health. It contributes significantly to neutralizing free radicals resulting from the body’s metabolic processes. This way we achieve an antioxidant effect for our body.

Alkaline water has many benefits and here we name some of them:


– Facilitates the elimination of acidic waste and toxins, preventing our body from accumulating them and enhancing the elimination of waste from our body, preventing other diseases. And helping to rejuvenate our body. 

– Improves our digestive system’s health with less acidity, better digestion and an intestinal rhythm. 

– By having better oxygenation of the cells, it prevents premature aging and effectively neutralizes free radicals.

– Improves the elimination of liquids, having a diuretic effect we obtain drinking daily

– Our hydration improves when consuming HieliuM. 

Balance is the key


To sum up, our body works best when it maintains an adequate pH balance. The frenetic life of the 21st century fills our body with toxins and unbalances this balance towards the acid side, and this is the origin of many pathologies and diseases. As we have seen, one of the most effective options to restore this balance is alkaline water.

The water of athletes

Among its benefits are: it improves the body’s cushioning capacity, reduces fatigue, and regulates the acidity that occurs when performing intense exercise. When the body is in a situation of overexertion, in addition to suffering dehydration, acids increase in large quantities and this makes it difficult to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles. This affects energy production, decreasing it. We can avoid this with a healthy diet and hydrating a lot, before and after exercising.

Furthermore, if the athlete hydrates with alkaline water before practicing sport, his performance improves, because lactic acid is what causes our muscles to be tired quicker and also to feel cramped.

HieliuM is made from weakly mineralized water with a pH greater than seven, which gives it many benefits for our health, balancing the PH, making it an ice like no other.

That is why, as with water, we must not neglect the ice we are drinking, since it greatly affects our health. That is why we recommend the consumption of ice from natural mineral water, HieliuM with a pH greater than 7.5 to obtain the numerous benefits.